Friday, December 5, 2014

Makan Makan at Port Dickson

This is an overdue post. Already draft this last week but only today I managed to edit and upload.


There's nothing much we can do in one night stay at Port Dickson. We had 1 dinner, 1 breakfast and 1 lunch altogether :D

After check-in and rest, we went out looking for place to have dinner. We drove from our hotel to Pantai Bagan Pinang and Teluk Kemang. There is lots of eateries spot along the road but it was heavy pour that night and it left us with limited choices. We opted for a proper restaurant with roof and had dinner at Embok Village Steamboat and Seafood.

Nice surrounding with teak interior and green plants everywhere. Found our seat and check out the menu, the prices are affordable. Clean and spacious too but the service are too slow. We had to wait almost 1 hour for the food to arrived.

Coconut tomyum (RM15)

For 4 pax dinner, we ordered steamed siakap with lemon, grilled squids, stir fry broccoli with prawns, telur bistik, stir fry kailan with salted fish, fried quail and coconut tomyum. Frankly said, the food are awesomely delicious especially the coconut tomyum. Love the coconuty sweet and sour soup with big prawns and crab. With fruit juices and steamed rice, this wholesome spread cost us about RM160.

Location and food wise, this place is highly recommended but if you're hungry and wants your meal infront of your eyes in 15 minutes, I won't recommend to dining here hahaha. Boleh gaduh tunggu makanan nanti.

Embok Village Steamboat & Seafood
Batu 2, Pantai Bagan Pinang
Port Dickson, N. Sembilan

Complimentary breakfast for 4 pax by the hotel. Buffet spread was okay. Limited choices. I was expect a variety long spread because the hotel is quite big and almost all units (hotel and private property) are occupied. They served nasi lemak, rendang ayam, chicken porridge, cantonese yee mee, scramble eggs, sausages, kaya pao, fruits, toast with jam, fruit juices, coffee/tea and cereals.Oklah dari takde hihi.


We actually don't have any idea where to go for lunch. We drove up to Teluk Kemang and saw this place as we reached Marina. Decided to stop and try their steamed rice with grilled chicken.

The food was okay. I love the chicken wings, charcoal crisp dipped in thick sweet and sour sauce. Yums. They served only grilled chicken (whole, half, wings, giblets, chicken ball etc), steamed rice with grilled chicken and fruit juices (apple and watermelon only). Limited choices but good enough for a person who prefer grilled chicken over rice like me haha. They also have in-house live acoustic performance, y'all.

  Long tables in the tents

The grilled chicken. Go to the grilled counter and pick yours

Chicken wings RM1/stick

Chicken rice set RM6/plate

Cowboy Place
Jalan Pantai (Next to PD World Marina Resort)
Port Dickson, N. Sembilan

Ok, I was salivating just looking at this chicken wings haha. Overall, this trip was fun even though its a short impromptu one. In sha Allah, ada rezeki we will come again (and book a nicer hotel).

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