Monday, November 24, 2014

Short Getaway at Port Dickson

Last minute plan.

In the morning of Saturday, while both of us in the class, I received whatsapp messages from a friend and asking us whether we would like to meet them at Port Dickson in the evening. Later after class, I informed my husband about it and first thing came out from his mouth...

'Overnight or just a short meet up? If overnight, then I will go'

I gave him a look.

Overnight. Tonight. On Saturday night. On the first week of year end school holiday.


I replied the message and say yes, we will join them. But overnight.

Search for hotels while in the car. Just try our luck but sadly, most hotels are full and didn't accept last minute reservations. They asked us to walk-in and check-in straight away. Rushing home, solat, packing and off we go.

They leaving KL at 3pm and we leave Melaka at 3.15pm. Whoever arrived first will look around for hotels. 

And Alhamdulillah we arrived earlier and  managed to score a 2 bedrooms duplex at Bayu Beach Resort and checked-in that evening.

The hotel room was okay. Breakfast was okay okay also. Bayu Beach Resort is an old hotel with a bit of scary surrounding. My friends and husband said they heard weird noises at top floor in the middle of the night. They hardly sleep and my friend's baby was crying the whole night. Allahuakbar. Thank God I didn't heard anything cos I sleep through the night (and decided not to sleep at the top floor).

Note to self, next time booking bilik, jangan amik bilik atas sebab mesti jarang-jarang orang duduk bilik tu except masa cuti sekolah. No?

Anyway, for one night stay, nothing much we can do beside eat, swim and lazy around.

Swimming at pool.
Went to local bazar.
Swimming at the beach.
Lazy around.
Leave PD

So random. What an experience.

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