Monday, November 10, 2014

Metropolitan Park, KL

Since Ayah fell sick and admitted to hospital last September, all of us are hardly out. Hospital visit on weekends are our routines and younger cousins helps us babysitting baby and toddlers at home while we spent most of the time at hospital.

Ayah discharges on Friday and my other siblings stay at mom's to take care of Ayah. Seeing my brother occupied his time day and night with Ayah, I offer to bring his kids to the park nearby yesterday. Just 5 minutes drive from mom's. 

Earlier plan were just me, sister, SIL and her kids. Later before leaving home, I asked my younger cousins to join us cos we ladies don't fly kites haha. We met at the park, buy the kite and let them play around while the mommy and aunties lazy around watching people and busy taking pictures haha.

Anyway, weather in KL is unpredictable these days. While we leaving the house, it was sunny with one bright sun but as we reached the park, the sky started to drizzle with black heavy cloud on top of our heads. Thankfully its stop and we manage to stay until before 7pm.

Definitely will go again but next time, we need to go early and bring some foods :)

Flying kites with black heavy clouds on the background

Auntyma with Baby Aryan

Day out at the park

Also known as Taman Layang Layang
MRR2 Kepong Bound (A couple of kilometres after Batu Caves Roundabout)

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