Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Haywire Diet

I have been on off diet over the years and this year I took my health and diet seriously. My diet is such a haywire early this year. I lost and gained weight like yoyo. I worked out and eat well for few months and lost some weight but after Eid, I eat like there's no tomorrow and gained hell a lot of kilos. I'm depressed looking at myself in the mirror. With my workload back then- meetings (oily noodles and sweet cakes during meetings are bad!), site visits, non stop events (eat when you have time) and lack of sleep makes me indulged myself with good fattening food whenever I can hahaha. See, unhealthy lifestyle is making your life up side down.
I just start eating well (again) last September after seeing a doctor. I went to met a doctor for some other matter but doctor being a doctor, she advised me to change my lifestyle. She said, good thing will comes later when you take care of your body and living a healthy life. Not just diet (read : restriction of eating) but living a good and healthy life. Eat right, feed your body well not 'nafsu', go out side and exercise (walk if you can't run). I did a lot of reading before I decided to jump on eating clean, whole and healthy bandwagon.

I started with #7dayschallenge for a kickstart. Its hard, I tell you. Nama pun diet, of course la susah. Siap ada schedule menu lagi, migrain bila fikir what to eat when you're out and food choices are limited outside. But kuatkan hati, I ended my #7dayschallenge and managed to lost 6.5 lbs (3kg). Alhamdulillah. 

After a month, I started another challenge. #30dayschallenge. Semangat kan? Bila ada objektif nak kena achieve haruslah semangat. I still in the challenge which will be ended on 11 Nov 2014. Few days to go. Wish me luck!

Habis challenge ni, I plan to continue with this program. Stick with the guideline so I will stay in healthy track. In sha Allah.

Well, nanti I share more about this #30dayschallenge lepas I habis ye. 


achik said...

sama la.. dah bertahun2 asyik on off diet.. bila dtg semangat tu bukan main la kan hari2 pegi gym bagai.. bila dah stop tu bukan main liat pulak nak start balik.. isk isk! tu belum campur lagi try macam2.. herbalife, sd2, pil2 kurus mengarut.. komited sebulan je pastu mula la x konsisten..

takpe, at least kita try dari x buat apa kan.. ayat sedapkan diri sendiri.. haha..

gud luck to us! :D

Nadia Hamdan said...

yes, ada geng hehe. sama la kita macam2 dah try makan before this- herbalife, pills etc tp skang try jaga makan je. takde lagi bantuan pills pelik2 tu hehe.

nnt i share some of my meals k. may all of us stay healthy and live a good life :)