Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Orange Toaster

Remember this?

I wanted to get this Oster French Bull 2-Slice Toaster that I have been eying for months from a friend of mine in Chicago. I already plan, once I get my house keys from developer (which I don't know when. Sigh), I will order this baby from my friend. 

But I guess, I just can't wait haha.

We went to random home appliances shop last Sunday to survey and compare prices, and it happen that shop is having a clearance sale. It's not just a clearance sale, it everything-must-go-closing-down-shop clearance sale. With stickers 'Last Day' all over the shop, I went a little crazy browsing small appliances in almost empty shelves.

Air-conditioner gone. Food processor gone. Juicer gone. Hot plate grill gone. All almost gone. Then I went to another shelf. 

In a split second, my husband caught me lugged an orange toaster. Actually, I just took it off the shelf just in case I wanted to buy it later. Too afraid other customers would buy that last piece, I just hold it while thinking should I have this or not?

Walk around the shop with toaster in my hands haha.

Should we buy this? 30% off and I don't think I can get with this price elsewhere. And it's orange!

I look at my husband. He smile and gave a green light. Woohoo. 

Hello Mr. K.

  kMix by Kenwood Toaster

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