Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Snuggland : Kitchen Layout Plan

The perk of having an in-house interior designer in the family, I can asked for ideas and draft plan anytime I want haha. Asked my sister for some ideas for our kitchen the other day as we plan to have this area as our main area (family area) in the house. Quite small, but we try to pull it off.

Husband agree and love the idea but we're not sure if the space permit our dream. All plan are done on paper, we still need to measure on site according to the real furniture size. The problem now is our house is locked and we couldn't get in anymore. I guess we just need to wait until we get the keys.

Well, I sent some draft to my sister and I get these in return. I have 4 options to choose. Each option is depends on our budget and pennies in the bank haha.

Kalau banyak duit boleh buat major renovation but as for now we stick with what is important first.

Option 1




Option 4 need a major renovation as we need to hack a wall with window but I guess we will go with Option 1 - 3 for now. The differences between those options are the size of the sofa only. The last time I check with Ikea website, Klobo is no longer in their list and this left me with 2 options- either go with Klippan or Karlstad or hunting a new small sofa.

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