Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Excuse my long overdue post.

I have been keep this in draft for weeks (or is it months?)

Anyway, we just celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary last April. 9th April 2014.

3 years. 
And still counting. In sha Allah.

I love to surprised my husband even he always forget our important date. And I still bought him birthday gift even I promise myself not to buy him anything this year as a punishment for forgetting his only wife's birthday last year haha.

I want to give him little gifts every other day start 1st April til his birthday on 12th April. Not an expensive gifts since I plan to prepare for atleast 10 gifts in total. Some gift I bought in Mr. DIY hahaha and some gift I made special order from a friend abroad. So I start with a small pouch of macarons. I handed it to him as I reach home from event. A sweet dessert for a sweet month of April.

The next day I left a small package by the bed side. A pair of colorful geometrical socks for him since he fancy colorful socks.

 You rock my socks!
A pair of fancy socks for him

I skipped a day and the next day I leave another package near the his pillow. A cheap cable winder from Mr. DIY for his earphone.

 In case you need this
A cheap cable winder to keep his earphone untangled.

I didn't leave him anything on weekend. He did asked 'Harini takde hadiah ke?' and I replied 'Posman cuti on weekend' haha. On Monday morning, I quickly leave a cylinder package by the dresser while my husband wait for me in the car. A hair spray I bought in January (or it is in December) from a friend abroad.

 Life is too short to have a boring hair
A bottle of hair spray for his pompadour 

On our anniversary, 9th April, husband sent me to work and I asked him to wait in the car while I went up to the office to take his gifts. A wide smile plastered on his face when he saw me walked to the car with things in hand. I handed him 2 packages. An iphone casing, night cycling tight and a card.
 Love is sweet
I bought him a florescent cycling tight so I won't worry when he's out for night ride

Before I leave office on Friday, I keep husband's birthday gift in the car trunk. I actually don't know where to hide them haha. So on Saturday afternoon, before we left for lunch, I asked husband to take something from the trunk. That how he found his birthday gift. Laughing he heart out because earlier in the morning he did asked for birthday gift and I told him 'No gift this year sebab you lupa my birthday last year'

Happy 31st Birthday
Something that I think he really need, a wallet ;p

Yeah, I wrapped his little box in big box with layers of paper. Mesti konfiden je laki den ingat dia dapat hadiah besar, padahal kecik je hehe.

Happy anniversary, dear love (walaupun dah lewat 2 bulan)

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