Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DIY Gift Tags

I love diy things. When I'm bored, if you don't find myself glued on the tv or play games with my ipad, most likely you will found me sat at the corner of my room with toolbox, scissor, paper, ribbon and felt on the floor. Especially after hours browsing pinterest haha. Dang!

Our anniversary and husband's birthday fall on my busiest month of the year. April. The month that I can't take a day off (all officers annual leave will be freeze), the month I will work almost around the clock, the month that I sometimes reach home at the wee hour, the month that I probably see my husband less than 2 hours.

So I start planning early. Very early haha. This year, I plan to surprise him with small little gifts with cute tags on alternate days until his birthday. I don't really focus on gifts because I'm more excited with the tags. Weird, no? Browsing some ideas on pinterest and start design the tags. I don't have photoshop, I just create them with my favorite editing apps on iPhone called Phonto. Once I satisfied with the design, I send them through email and print.

Bought some color paper, cut them nicely and stick on the paper. Punch a hole, put on ribbon and tie your gift neatly.

It's so easy you can make your own customized tags.


حفيظة said...

I love DIYs too but having to cute each and every tags tu mcm leceh. if only i have a round cutter, then it would be easy. Jiayou on your DIYs!

Nadia Hamdan said...

Nak cut each tags tu yang excited haha. Unless you're making hundreds of them, you need a proper cutter la. For just few tags like this, any sharp scissor would do :)