Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We bought a house last year and as we went to the residential area last week, our house is almost complete-- tiles, paint, ceilings, doors, windows and main wiring are all done. Just water inlet/outket and sanitaries they haven't install yet. Now the house doors are locked, we can't go in anymore. I guess we have to wait until they give the keys. Now the developer busy working on finishing part like main road, drainage, side walls etc.

We are excited. So excited. Who doesn't. But...

We are in dilemma.

Currently, we stay at MIL's. Just the three of us. Me, husband and MIL. She still in good shape and healthy but as other elders, she on medications for her diabetic and high blood pressure.

When we wanted to buy a house last year, she'd agree and suggest to buy a new property instead of secondhand house. She seem excited too when we told her we got 1 unit and placed deposit rightaway.

But now, whenever we talked about the new house, I can see she's a bit sad. She wanted us to stay with her but we want to have our own place. I don't have problem with my MIL. I closed with her, she just like my mother but all we want just a privacy.

Privacy for just the two of us.

Now I don't know what to do. Should we stay? Should we move out? Should we asked other sibling to stay with her?

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