Friday, March 14, 2014

New Home

Husband whatsapped me just now with excitement "Sayang, rumah dah nak siap!"

Erk. Cepatnya.
Excited tapi nervous haha. Nervous?

Ye lah, nervous sebab beli rumah ni commitment yang besar. It took one big portion in our monthly expenses.

Since I'm very particular with our monthly budget, it kinda scary looking at the new budget sheet. Haha. Renovation, painting, kitchen cabinet, furniture etc. Wow, that's going to cost us a bomb.

Dalam kepala otak fikir interior, pastu the monthly installment and renovation cost flash at the back of my head haha. Sabar je la. Kill the joy betul. In sha Allah. We got this. In sha Allah, we can get through this. In sha Allah.

Now, get back to work. Nak kena kerja keras kumpul duit banyak banyak nak bagi rumah cantik ;)

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