Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Best Mango Juice in Melaka

I posted this entry because icy drinks are just necessary on this hot and dry season through out Malaysia these past few weeks haha. Oops!

I don't go to Ujong Pasir that often but whenever I went to Portuguese Settlement Food Court, I will ordered this cup of sweet heaven. It's not like an ordinary mango juice which usually served a cup of ripped mango puree blend with crushed ice, this mango juice is just different.

It's young mango blend with crushed ice and served with asam boi. Tasted like green apple juice with asam boi. It's so refeshing, it's so yummy. I bet 1 cup is not enough for you hehe.

There's 2 stalls selling this mango juice. One at the entrance and another one at the last stall. Both taste alike.

Try this mango juice whenever you're in Melaka. It's open from late evening til late night.


LisaLisut said...

Hi Duta Melaka. we shall meet up one day! bole jd tour guide hehe

Nadia Hamdan said...

Haha. In sha Allah. Kalau datang Melaka pls bgtau okay :)