Friday, February 14, 2014

Something's Wrong Somewhere

A couple of weeks ago, I posted up a photo of a small home office in my instagram. A photo of wide desk with white wall, designer chair, fairy lights and colorful knick knacks.

I have a thing with fairy lights. I love anything with fairy lights (not blinking ones). So when I saw this photo in pinterest, I pinned it right away.

Few weeks past. Yesterday we started to cleaned up office area, throw unused items and decorate few area to makes our office looks better as 5S audit will be take place next week.

We let the Cultural Team to do the decor as they're more creative than most of us. After lunch, I walked into the main entrance with colleagues and I saw a fairy lights blinking at The Main Board. Wow.

Wait. Oh damn!

Poor Nadia because I sat next to The Main Board and the fairy lights just few inches from my seat hahahaha. Now I feel like Christmas!

As I remember, I asked fairy lights at my future home office NOT at my work space at the office 

*face palm*

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