Friday, February 7, 2014

Living A Healthy Life

My husband and I now in the process to start living a healthy lifestyle. I did it before but on off and it stop halfway. Now that my husband willing to do with me, I'm happy to start it again. We try to switch almost everything like working out few days in a week, snacking, eat clean, drink water and be positive.

We don't do hardcore work out. Honestly to tell you, it's not easy to start. It takes days to get me off the couch haha. So when we have time, we just went for a jog or walk or gym for an hour. When we're too busy with work, we allocate 15 minutes to work out in the bedroom (I'm can't do in the living room because I'm staying with MIL. Malu! Haha)

I packed snacks and water for us every morning, so we are not too hungry at lunch and dinner time. Apples, strawberries, blueberries, crackers, chocolates anything which I find okay for a snack. Well ofcourse, I watch out the calories in those snacks.

We don't do dinner anymore except for certain days when we are too occupied with work and we don't have time to snack or even drink water. Trying to eat at home so we know what we eat. Eat more whole food not a processed food is very hard to do but we try. Our dinner mostly will be light and simple. Grilled chicken with vegetables, egg sandwich or muesli + yogurt. Something like that. My MIL shakes her head everytime she saw our meals haha. What's the toughest? To ignore her most delicious asam pedas, masak lemak cili api and sambal belacan. Oh my!

Nowadays eating out is like a big deal for us. It's more like 'Oh man, I can eat what I want? Yes!' Haha. But only 1 or 2 days a week. Our cheat days :)

Anyway, of course I want to lose some weight but importantly, I want to live a healthy life. I believe when I'm eat healthily, I will shed some pounds off this body. In sha Allah.

Why eat healthy?

I want to lose some weight.
I want to look good.
I want to get pregnant.

Wish me luck :)

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LisaLisut said...

i pulak terbalik rutin. pg bfast, lunch xmkn, tp mlm kang cr nasik.hahahah. br je recently try jogging.huhu. jd la slow2.. nk buat mcm u mkn tu mcm arghh xkuat iman lol. myb i puasa ganti jela dlu kot at the mo hehe

good luck!

Nadia Hamdan said...

Dulu rutin I mcm you laa. Big breakfast pastu lunch x makan. By the time sampai rumah lepas kerja perut dh berbunyi haha. Mesti makan nasi punya. Now I slowly la tukar. Paksa makan tghari atau tapau makan around 2-3pm. So petang x lapar sgt. Boleh la makan ringan2 hehe