Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Organized Your Pantry

Mama messy pantry

I went back to KL for Eid last week and found a messed pantry at Mama's kitchen. My mom wants everything in front of her eyes, something easy to reach out while she's preparing food.

A day before Eid, Mama asked us to tag her along to Ikea and help her to choose a small carpet for our foyer. Since Ikea has nice transparent storage, I bought her few boxes for her pantry.

 SAMLA Box from Ikea
Size 5, RM7.90/unit and Size 11, RM14.90/unit

I took 6 SAMLA boxes in 2 sizes and put them in the shopping cart. Of course, she gave me a look when I told her my idea and said,

'You do it if you want everything organize and make sure barang senang nak cari. Jangan lepas ni cari barang semua tak jumpa'


Find Mama, I will help you sort out your messy pantry. And I make sure everything is within your sight. 

So as we reached home that night, I took out my ipad and browsing for ideas on pinterest. While my other siblings busy with curtains, carpet and cushions, I make myself comfortable in the kitchen, took everything out of the pantry and start sorting out. After an hour, I manage to make my mom's pantry look better, more organize and spacious. 

A better pantry

Thinking of buying few more boxes for upper shelves and do some stickers for those boxes. And not to forget, I want to get rid those red screw cap cookies containers and make use of her unused tupperwares.

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