Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ikea Quilt Covers

Angsskara RM49.90 (Queen)

Some comforter sets available in the market are just too pricey (well, atleast to me) and if you collected them, you need a very large space to store them. So, instead of buying few set of comforters, I prefer to buy quilt cover set and bedsheet. Its easy to store and cheaper in term of price. And my favourite affordable quilt covers are ofcourse from Ikea. 

I bought few of them (every set is less than RM50! haha) and I just so frustrated that I couldn't get my hands on their latest quilt cover, Angsskara. I went to Ikea few days before Eid, the shelf is empty and I asked my brother to go and check again at Ikea last week, the shelf is still empty.


I'm going back to KL in few weeks and I want to try my luck again. Hope I manage to get this baby on my next trip to Ikea. 

Backsota RM49.90 (Queen)

Krakris RM39.90 (Queen)

Source : Ikea


LisaLisut said...

Mcm xcaya je harga dia jd murah gtu?? Dlu i tgk smpi ratus sbb i mmg nk quilt covers dgn srg bntal semua. Serius??

Nadia Hamdan said...

Serius tak tipu hehe. I pun macam tak caya je. Dia ada limited time promo kot

AMS said...

nad kan rajin blk KL , kot kot ada promo nie lg . tlg belikan Krakris RM39.90 (Queen). :]