Friday, August 2, 2013

Iftar With My Extended Family

Iftar at wan's place is always a feast. 

I loved being around my extended family especially my dad's side. When I told my Maksu that we're going back to KL on Friday night and plan to iftar at late wan's (late wan hand down to Maksu now) place on Saturday, Maksu straight away gather everyone else to join in as soon as I hang up the phone. 

My aunties are a great cook, oh seriously, they cooked delicious meals. All these foods are from their kitchen. Chicken curry, masak lemak ikan keli salai dengan mangga, acar buah, masak lemak pucuk ubi, lobak putih tumis air, sayur campur, puding caramel, pengat nangka & pisang, kuih buah melaka etc. This is all home cooked expect for murtabak, curry puffs and popiah goreng. 

And small portion doesn't exist in their dictionary, in ANY occasions. Pre-planned iftar always turned out to be a feast every year. 

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