Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coral Reef

Pocketbac; Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
Lightly scented with casaba melon, sea mist and turquoise musk

I'm in love with this pocketbac anti-bacterial hand gel from Bath & Body Works. I never try this pocketbac before. Previously, whenever my good friend, Anna return home from The States, I only interested to asked her to buy me BBW body mist, shower gel or body lotion because they smells so good and last for hours. Some of the scents doesn't only smells good but it smells heavenly delicious. 

Just imagine applying your skin with Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion after a long cold shower with Midnight Pomegranate shower gel. Then spray a little at your neck with Rio Rumberry body mist before you slipped on your pyjamas. I bet your significant other will smells you the whole night haha. 

Back to the hand gels, BBW pocketbacs at Inday Aara sold out like a hot banana fritters. Seriously, I did not lie. I saw this one customer bought 12 pocketbacs in one order. Luckily, Anna save me one and I fell in love with Coral Reef since then. I caught myself have been applying this delicious hand gel more often than before. Actually, I have been applying it like a hand lotion every couple of hours haha. 

Now, I spread the fever at the office. Every person passed by my work station will asked me what am I wearing and I just show them my Coral Reef. 

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