Tuesday, July 23, 2013

31st Birthday

I read somewhere on paper that a survey announces women are most beautiful at the age of 31. 


Well, I just turn 31 last Monday. Oh my, I just enter my 30s. 

Nothing much interesting except my husband almost forgot his wife's birthday -_- Thanks to facebook for the birthday alert and makes my husband all panic and guilt haha. He only realized it after he return from the mosque for Subuh prayer. He said he did feel something at sahur but he just can't recall anything until he saw my nephew post a birthday wish on my fb wall. He went all panic and immediately said sorry for the late wish. You should see his face. 

Ofcourse I feel a bit sad and I asked him 'Birthday isteri sorang pun lupa ke?' 

And he replied 'I ingat then remember, I terlanggar pintu and jari kaki I berdarah semalam? Lepas tu I terus terlupa'

Ahmad Albab betul. Dia salahkan pintu pulak. Sabar je lah. 

Men are always a men. They don't remember date like women do. Sigh. Well, to make it up, he being extra nice that day. He sent and fetch me at work, call me every hour just to say sorry, treat a birthday dinner / iftar, bought me a slice of birthday cake, smile the whole day (haha!) and even told me I can asked him for anything. Anything? Haaaa, that was the highlight of the day hehe. 

'Sayang, I don't mind if you lupa my birthday next year because I dah siap siap buat extra list for my birthday gifts, incase you lupa lagi laa'

I asked him for 2 birthday gifts. The additional one is a punishment for forgetting his wife birthday haha. But I put the later one on hold until I decided what I want. Boleh? Boleh jeeee. 

And as for now, I should enjoy my 31 beautiful moment before 32 hit me in the next 12 months which maybe I won't feel attractive and confident anymore. 


Cik Hazz said...

Bahaha. i wrote the same thing about women look prettier at 31 on my blog last week. I turn 31 last month. Kita sebaya yer.. :)) Happy Birthday Nadia!! Lets maintained confident! hehehe.. Bagus jugak dia lupa.. so u can choose ur own gift. hihi. Have fun! :)

Nadia Hamdan said...

Cik Hazz, or maybe actually I read it at your blog haha. Lupa mane tah I baca. Anyway, happy belated birthday to you. Nasib baik ada kawan sebaya hehe. Oh yes, marah tetap marah sbb lupa but good thing is I can ask for extra gifts ;)

LisaLisut said...

happy belated bday Nadia! sorry lmbt wish! huhuh..semoga panjang umur murah rezeki:)

Nadia Hamdan said...

Its okay :) Thank you, Lisa.