Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gift Set Ideas | Bath & Body Works

If you're still looking for ideas what to put on your wedding or engagement tray, I have few suggestions. 

A good friend of mine, Anna of Inday Aara is now open a pre-order for Bath & Body Works (BBW) gift sets, both for women and men. I think its a great deal since it comes with nice packaging box and tub. It smells nice, comes in lovely bottles and affordable (and you can't get it here, they specially flown from The States to your doorstep). Trust me, their smells last long than you expected especially their lotions. 

Price : RM255.00
Postage : RM10 (WM), RM15 (EM)
Pre-order Date : 19 Jun - 2 July 2013

Splish Splash Gift Set For Women

This adorable tub is overflowing with:
1. Signature Shower Gel (10 oz)
2. Body Lotion (8 oz)
3. Fragrance Mist (8 oz)
4. Body Cream (8 oz)
5. Ultra Lathering Sponge

Available scents:
1. Paris Amour (Key notes: French tulips, Apple blossom & Pink champagne)
2. Twilight Woods (Key notes: Juicy berry, Soft mimosa, Apricot nectar & Warm woods)
3. Sweet Pea (Key notes: Sweet pea petals, Watery pears, Freesia, Fresh raspberry & Soft musk)
4. Moonlight Path (Key notes: French lavender, Lily of the valley, Oakmoss & Musk)
5. Japanese Cherry Blossom (Key notes: Asian pear, Kyoto rose, Mimosa petals & Himalayan cedarwood)

Gingham Gift Set For Men

This gift box is packed of:
1. 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash (10 oz)
2. Body Lotions (8 oz)
3. 2-in-1 After Shave and Face Lotion (3.4 oz)
4. Deodorizing Body Spray (3.7 oz)
5. Ultra Lathering Sponge

Available scents:
1. Twilight Woods (Key notes: Cedar, White pepper & Musk)
2. Noir (Key notes: Black cardamom & White musk)
3. Paris Blue For Men (Key notes: White woods, Orange zest & A hint of musk)
4. Ocean (Key notes: Cypress, Vetiver & Yuzu)
5. White Citrus For Men (Key notes: Juicy mandarin, White waters & Pure sandalwood)

For more information, inquiries and to place pre-orders for this gift box, you can email to 

Have a great day :)

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