Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Shoes Story

I once review on groom's shoe which my dearest husband didn't go for usual black leather shoe like most grooms but instead, he chose a very casual and laid back shoes for our wedding reception. In that post, at the very last paragraph, I did mention that I will blog about his shoes collection one day and I guess that day is today haha.

Honestly, I totally forgot to blog about it. Took a photo of his collection then but I forgot to post up an entry until a friend of mine remind me about a blogpost I owed.

I believe everyone has their personal interest. Some might collect figurines or cds or perfumes or anything. And I have a husband who loves to collect shoes. Whenever we're in the mall, the most frequent outlets he will enter are the shoes store. He has this kind of good sense in choosing shoes. He knows which shoes are worth buying (after massive discount of course), which shoes are discountinue and you must buy it now, which shoes are new with limited units, which shoes are not sold anywhere in Malaysia / Asia, etc. How in the world he knows all of this, I don't know. 

Most of other couple, the husband will seeks for his wife advise before puchase any clothings or shoes but in my case, it's the other way around. I seek for my husband advise before purchase anything especially shoes haha. 

He don't owned hundreds pair of shoes but he has a lot more than I do.
His collection

Her collection

Those are his collection exclude his football boots, bicycle shoes, flipflops, few pair of unworn shoes which still nicely place in their box on top of our wardrobe -_-

And look at my collection, kesian kan? After I got married, I don't really buy shoes. I prefer comfortable pairs like flipflops, flats and sandals. High heels are the rarest things I try on these days, I don't know why. Age factor, no? Haha. 


LisaLisut said...

ok mmg byk gile kasut ur husband.haha. laki i ade basic. 2 kasut kerja,1 loafer,1kasut futsal,1 kasut jogging and a slipper.hahaha

i jenis beli btul2 ade diskaun n if dh lunyai.sbb tu xksh beli spsg yg mahal sbb i jenis bantai smpai lunyai hehe

Nadia Hamdan said...

Dia x kerja office, so ni la kasut jalan, kasut pg kerja, kasut casual hahaha.

Sejak kahwin i beli kasut jarang2. Bila beli kasut pakai sampai lunyai jugak tp masih cheapskate beli kasut murah2 hahaha