Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Majlis Kesyukuran Redza Syah Irfhan

Irma invited us to his son Majlis Kesyukuran at her in-law place last Saturday. Irfhan (and mommy hehe) are getting chubbier by day. Irfhan such a good boy the whole ceremony without throwing any tantrum to mommy and he looks super cute with that little abaya. Aunty Nad is so geram with you, I want to cubit your fluffy cheeks.


Lovely cake and dessert buffet done by Little Lovesome

4/14 of 4S91614
Adiekz, Oja (and Hafiy), Angah (and Jibrayl) and yours truly :)

Baby Irfhan, Mommy Irma & Aunty Nad

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LisaLisut said...

cake dia sgtla cantik!