Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mini Heart Attack

I was on long holiday and went back to my parents' place last weekend. And back to work last Thursday.

On  my engagement ceremony, 12th September 2010

So my bedroom is kinda messed with unpacked bag, unfolded clothes, files and stuff all over the place. You won't notice something is missing or not at their usual place when your room just like a wreckship. Well, I planned to do the cleaned up today.

Anyway, as I reached home from work yesterday, I unwrapped my shawl, took out my rings and put down in the tower before headed to kitchen to fix our dinner. As I put down the rings, then I realised something. The other tower is empty with no ring in sight.

My engagement ring went missing.

The Twin Towers, home for my rings ;-)

That's when the mini heart attack strike.

There's only two possibilities in my mind.
1. My niece or nephew came in my room and play with the tower without noticing the ring, or,
2. My husband accidently struck the tower down when looking for his stuff on the shelf.

I went out of the room, looking for my MIL, asked her whether the kids are playing in my room when we're not home last week and her answered is 'No'

Sigh. I'm panic.

It's almost 8pm at that time and I haven't perform my Maghrib yet. After prayer, I took out my doa' book and flipping page by page looking for 'Doa Mendapatkan Semula Barang Yang Hilang'.

Source from here
I read this doa' 3 times and follow by Surah Al-Ikhlas.

This morning, before I'm doing my laundry, I sorted out my husband's pants and jeans on the shelf. As I pull out those jeans, I heard a little sound like a small metal piece drop to the shelf's floor. I reached my hand and took out a ring in my fingers. I found my engagement ring! Yay.

Alhamdulillah. Amin.

I don't know how on earth the ring can be at the back of the shelf but I do know, The Almighty hear our prayers and works in a mysterious ways.


LisaLisut said...

Thanks for sharing d surah. Wow kelass rings ade tower hehe mmg artistik

Nadia Hamdan said...

Kalau xde towers tu merata la I letak cicin I haha