Friday, January 25, 2013

Snack Time

I'm in the middle of training myself with snacking mini portion in between meal. I believe snacking healthy food will help me to lose some weight and have a healthier (by munching on fruits, veges and cereals) body. When your body never feels hungry, you won't pig out meals in large portion, right?

Beside, snacking is one way to tell your body that you're not starve, so it won't have to keep those fat. Burn it baby, burn!

Let's stock up dried fruits, low fat biscuits, muesli/cereal and nuts in your shelf.

Source : Parents / remodelaholic / getinspiredgetfit

PS : Don't forget to drink plenty of water too.



Wow..good idea. I need to pack up healthy snack in small portion too. I want to burn lots of fat after confinement.

Reen Tart Nenas said...

thanks for sharing. i ni nak buat smoothies tak terbuat2 :)