Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sprained ankle

So I sprained my ankle last Saturday. Sobs.

I was at the event, last minute event that we need to handle for it launching ceremony by The Chief Minister.

We worked from morning at the office for invitations, prepare few forms, list of attendees, mc speech etc and later in the evening we went to the venue for early preparation. As it is an adhoc event, we need to pass some invitation by hand. So we went to one hotel to pass the invitation and since we have few hours to spare, we crossed the road to the nearest shopping mall.

Fast forward, we need to wait for driver to fetch us up at the hotel. I'm busy texing my colleague back at the office for urgent talking point for CM and as I'm about to cross the road and dush! I fell on my knee and sprained my left ankle.

I thought I step on the flat tarmac (from the sideroad curb) but no, I misstep to uneven surface. That was a hell of a pain. Luckily, I fell in between cars parked by the roadside and it's dark. I guess no one see me except my officer next to me.

Back to the venue, my colleague hand me a packet of ice and I put them on my ankle for a good 10 minutes. I removed them, try to circle my ankle slowly and stretch it abit. On my way home, I asked En. Shahril to buy me a pack of ice at 7-Eleven and I soaked my left foot in cold icy basin for 5 minutes (30seconds per dip). How in the world, sportsmen can put their feet more than a minute on the ice basin? Crazy!

Next day I saw my left ankle already bluish, abit bengkak but thanks to the ice. If I didn't put those ice first, I guess I can't even see my ankle on the next day. I asked En. Shahril to bring me to makcik urut. I sprained my ankle twice before and I know if I'm not berurut, I can't walk properly for the next few days..

Alhamdulillah, after 2 times seeing the makcik urut and a good spread of asam jawa on my ankle for hours, now I can walk properly. 

So no heels, aerobic and jogging for the next 2 weeks until I'm fully recover.

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