Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Last Monday morning, I notice I had difficulties to pee, so after I thumb print at the office, I rushed to the nearest clinic. After 2 hours of waiting (Oh yes, that private clinic is like a mini hospital, no vacant bench when I arrived at 845am!), at last they called my number. So, I told the doctor about my problem and she took my urine sample. After they test my urine, the doctor told me I had UTI or in malay they called it 'Kencing Kotor / Kencing Tak Lawas'.

Aahhh, no wonder its very painful when I'm about to pee :'(

I was prescribe with antibiotic and urinary alkalinizer. 

After I took the meds, the pain is reduce but I still find hard to pee.

Days passed by and I felt better on Sunday, so I went for a swim with my bestfriends. Then the worst part came on Monday morning. I found myself crying my eyes out on office toilet bowl when I'm about to pee. I can't pee, it's very painful. I run to the office clinic downstairs and ask for any meds. I just can't tolerate with this pain anymore. 

Then I remember my colleague once told me barley is good for UTI. I googled and found few tips on UTI. I asked for halfday from my officer, went to the nearest supermarket to buy a pack of barley, drove back home and boiled a cup of barley.

Imagine, I back and forth from toilet to my room every 15 minutes!

So painful, so tired. I lie down on the bed and still crying, waiting for my barley to cook.

Tik tok tik tok tik tok. The most longgggg 45 minutes ever.

After 45 minutes on stove, my barley is fully cooked. I scoop some in the cup and put 1 tbsp of sugar, pour warm water to half and I drank it in one shot!

I lie down again and fell asleep for 2 hours. Woke up and I felt slightly better. Syukur alhamdulillah. I walk to the kitchen and make myself another cup of barley. After an hour, I found out my pee have change color from yellow to clear and its' not that painful like earlier this morning.

I try to get my mind off this pain. I watched tv, checked my twitter, stalked my friends fb profile, read some blogs, google this and that etc. After Isyak, I make another cup of barley then I lie down on bed. Fell asleep again and woke up with En Shahril sat next to me and asked whether I'm getting better or not. I put my hand on my abdomen/urinary bladder and I don't feel pain anymore. I went to the toilet and I can easily pee like before. No pain at all. Alhamdulillah.

The magical of BARLEY!

The quickest way to cure your UTI. Beside UTI, barley also good to cooling down your body temperature.

I definitely will drink barley casually for my health. I even tapau-ed some to the office this morning.

Dear readers, please take a good care of your health. Drink lots of water and make yourself a cup of barley once in awhile.


LisaLisut said...

br tau barley bole ubati uti. i hate uti!! i kne ms br kawin hihihihi.tp mnum ural tu dh elok.so nvr try barley.sll mnum if demam ke apa hihi

Cik Puan Tqah said...

ural my dad minum.. i mmg kuat minum air.. so xde rs sakit..barley i suke.. hihi..feberet tuu

Nadia Hamdan said...

Lisa- this is the 2nd time kena, dulu makan ural kejap je dah elok but this time lama plak. almost 2 weeks now.

Tiqah - barely sedap kan. would be my fav after this

Hazz Nieza said...

Bab nak msak sndri yg i agk kemalasan skit. hehee. suka barley tp klu kat luar selalu org guna serbuk type, x suka. prefer yg biji2 tu lg sedap. ;)