Thursday, September 6, 2012

No plastic bag Saturday

I know this is not new and most of us are fully aware that every Saturday is a NO PLASTIC BAG DAY since major supermarkets in Malaysia are take part in this campaign.

Some of us would nice enough to bring shopping bag from home, some of us would take the recycle boxes at the check out and some of us would just pay RM0.20 for a plastic bag.

As for me, I always put one shopping bag in my handbag in case I need to go for a quick groceries shopping. And I put few more in my car for monthly groceries stock up. I know it just a small little effort but atleast I'm doing something to help my mother nature :)

I browse around and found some fancy shopping bags:


Left to right:
1. The Seamstress  
2. Bargains Frenzy
3. Clubmod
4. kiutshop

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