Monday, August 27, 2012

Bag Organiser

Everytime.. every single time I change handbag, there's must be a thing or two that I will forgot to take and put it back in my newly change handbag.

It's either my office drawer keys or my KL home keys or nail clipper or my office ID.

Being lazy to go out and looking for one, I search all over the internet and thinking of buying one at any blogshop. Most of blogshops selling a bag organiser around RM35.90 - RM59.90 each. Thank god for my frequent research, I stumble into this one random blog and they bought it at a cheaper price at a Popular Bookstore!

Out of my curiosity, during my lunch break I rushed to nearby Popular and looking for one. As I reach at the shelf, I flipped the white tag and see the price   O_O

Small bag for RM15.90
Big bag for RM19.90
Additional 10% if you have a membership card.

NOT EVEN RM20.00!! 

Haiyoooo, very cheap! Why these blogshops selling them at almost RM40.00 each?


Whatever it is, now I'm happy to have one and my bag all nicely organise. I can easily fish out anything from my bag.


Asz Miza said...

Nad, i pun bli exactly the same bag organiser like u kat Popular but blue in colour. :) Lagi berbaloi beli dekat sini sebab murah. Cuma kadang2 rasa berat sikit la kalau pakai organiser ni tp yg penting i dont missed any important stuff anymore! :)

Nadia Hamdan said...

Aah, I pun terasa berat sikit but I don't mind as long as I takde tertinggal anything from my old bag hehe

Jahitjahitan said...

wow!RM35.90 - RM59.90 each>>material yang sama ke?

Nadia Hamdan said...

material lebih kurang just color yg blogshop jual lagi bold and cantik la