Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Warehouse Sale

Hati bunga bunga menjerit kegirangan bila nampak bunting ni kat Melaka. Ye la, bukan selalu ada warehouse sale kat Melaka. Kalau KL tu lainlah, every other weekends ada warehouse sale.

I saw this bunting on my way back from town. Terus mark dalam calendar, save the date.

So I went to The Jetty last Friday (with my colleagues) and Saturday (with my sister-in-laws) with a budget, not to spend more than RM100. I managed to grab few things at the very great deal under my budget.

Total Retail Price : RM150.00
Total Paid : RM72.00

Mission accomplished.


MizaShoppe said...

whaaa...sis..loreal paris shampoo damaged hair treatment tuh bp hrga...

Nadia Hamdan said...

I beli aritu RM12.00 for 500ml shampoo. So worth money