Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flip flop

I used to owned pairs of Reef flipflops back then. While other girls collect nice heels, I collect Reef flipflops.

Reef Ginger in Black/Purple

As an avid Ginger user, its hard for me to try on other brand. Seriously, once you attach with Ginger, your sole just don't want to fit in another flat sole hahaha. Now that my more than 5 years old Ginger almost worn out, I need to get a new pair. One that almost similar as Ginger is Fitflop buttttt Fitflop is freaking expensive.

Fitflop is everywhere here and Ginger discontinue it product at Reef/Quiksilver/Roxy store in Malaysia sob sob. The only way I can get one is to purchase online.

 Fitflop Palma Flame Raffia £75.00

Fitflop Luna Pop Flame £60.00 

Nice and bright color, I like but look at the price  -_-"


Elly Anaille said...

Fitflop mmg best tapi tgk price die mmg tersedak. Nasib baik time pregnant ni I x beriya sangat nak fitflop n I swore by my timberland flat. Comfy gilaaaaaa!

LisaLisut said...

rs nk curi fitflop kat isetan bila dia berantai besi ok hahaha. smpai 450+ sepasang selipar kalau hilang nangis. dr mula pregnant i teringin smpai dh 7bulan lebih pn terliur xbeli2.mahal sgt. pakai crocodile jelah jwbnye. sobs

tp kan diorg kata uptown punya fitflop design n feeling comfy dia sebijik yg original.rm50+ katanya hihih.xsure tak penah try haha

Nadia Hamdan said...

Elly - Timberland sandal pun bestkan tapi color dia tak the bomb laa hehe

Lisa - I ada jumpa 1 website ni jual fitflop for RM170 but I'm not sure whether its original or not ( and yes, I ada jumpa fake fitflop at Downtown Cheras for just RM60. I almost buy tapi tahan dulu sbb color dia x menarik perhatian I hehe.

nia NK said...