Sunday, August 21, 2011

DIY Mini Pelamin (Solemnization Dais)

I diy my solemnization dais with the help of my family members. Siapalah yang tak nak ada mini pelamin yang cantik tapi after seeing the quoted price, its almost choke me to death. Haha. Bunyi drama je kan. For me mahal la mini pelamin sekarang. Paling murah pun RM1,500.

Nak save budget punya pasal, I diy my mini pelamin. Kata semangat kan.

Two tier platform are courtesy from my uncle who nicely custom build for me, his eldest niece. Hehe. Thanks Paksu!

For curtains and rug, off white back curtain, center beige pattern curtain and two tone rug are courtesy from my aunty who willingly to lend me her sliding door curtain, door curtain and rug from her apartment. Thanks Mak Itam!

Flower arrangement are exclusively done by my aunty for my solemnization. Colors chose by me, flowers by her, my sister and mom. They flowers on dais are almost matching with flowers on my hantaran. Thanks Acik!

Bowl for flower arrangement, we used my late grandma glass and stainless steel rice bowl. Hehe. Idea of my Acik! Brilliant eh?

Stand for flower arrangement. Haa, yang ni I memang recycle habis. Just ambil je benda-benda sekeliling. Here, I used 3 type of materials. For the tallest stand, I use my aunty's outdoor roman pillar for flower pot. She have two, I borrow one. Thanks Mak Dak. For the medium stand, I used my mom marble side table where she put our house phone back at home. Thanks Ma! And for the shortest stand, I just used extra brass gift tray (dulang tembaga). Three different height. Then I cover all of them with off white alas dulang and all set.

For dried ranting, I reuse sticks that I found in vase in one corner of my grandma's house. I chose the darkest sticks and I sangkut fake pearl all around it with help of my uncle. Susah juga nak letak because dia licin. I'm supposed to put crystal drop together with pearl but the sticks just can't hold the weight of the crystals too long, they bend. Pearls just do find for me. Thanks Pak Ngah!

There you go. My version of diy mini pelamin. Takde la cantik sangat, tapi okay lah dari takde.

Again, thanks to my mom, aunties, uncles, sister and family member who make this happen :)


anaztasias nora aira said...

cantikla dear. simple and nice. yang penting terselah pengantin :)

LisaLisut said...

nadiaaaa love youuuu.
u post this diy mini dais di saat2 i dekat nk kawin hehehehe.sbb i pun bakal far i only have 2 flowers kiri kanan.sedih ok i mak i n adik i tak pndai gubah bunga so upah cina nilai 3 gubah tp tak berapa bushy.tak kisahla asl ade warna kat mini diy pelamin(ke more to backdrop jugak kot hehe).hmmm tgh fikir alas utk platform tu.rug or kain eh.kain putih tu kain jenis apa eh?

Nadia Hamdan said...

Anaztasia - Curtain belakang supposed to be all white but one of my aunty bising cakap baju pengantin putih, mane boleh langsir putih. Haha. Terus tambah langsir color beige.

Lisa - if you dont mind, how about u email me picture of your idea diy pelamin and list of brg yg u dah ada. probably i can share idea sikit dgn you. hehehe. maklumlah, final week of ramadhan ni.. byk pikir raya dr kerja :p btw, kain putih alas platform tu i pakai pakai satin. kain langsir lama. abit licin la sbb tu i letak rug

adnil linda said...

waa....lawa2...sgt terserlah kekretipan di situ...
bile la nk pndai decorate cmnih gak...hehehe

Adawiyah A.Halim said...

simple yet nice babe =)

Nadia Hamdan said...

linda - thanks. x cuba mane nak tau kretif ke tak. cuba try dulu. hehe.

adawiyah - thanks babe :)