Monday, August 29, 2011

Cornflakes in a cup

Just finished with cornflakes in cup. I start buat lepas sahur tadi around 5.30am and at 7.30am I'm done with 2 full tupperwares of cornflakes in a cup. 1 tupperware of honey cornflakes for Mama and 1 tupperware of chocolate cornflakes for hubby.

Paling pantas I pernah buat. Nanti petang after dah masak all raya food, nak buat brownies pulak. This year first time beraya with hubby, so nak jamu dia best-best sikit. Hihi. His first time beraya away from his family so I just want to make him comfortable, with Mama home-cooked food and my air tangan dessert. Nak pikat hati suami lah katakan :D

Now off to do some chores before I take a quick nap.

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