Monday, August 29, 2011

Review : Groom's shoes

Hello dear.

Just done with my paperwork this morning. So today I'm in the mood to update and review on my groom's shoe :)

En Shahril did asked me earlier whether is it okay if he wearing non-traditional leather shoes in our reception. I told him, it's up to you. You don't really have to wear one if you don't comfortable with it. Well, actually he don't own any because he's not working in the office. He even wearing jeans & tshirt to work, I just can't imagine En Shahril wearing long pointy black leather shoes to work. Hehe.

I show few photos of grooms wearing non leather shoes on their wedding to him and god, he so excited looking at it. Haha.

On our wedding day, I saw he wore leather shoes for our solemnization (now, he owned a pair).

Later in the afternoon, well, in the middle of getting ready for reception, he took out a shoe box out of paperbag he brought earlier. En Shahril slowly took a pair of shoes out of the box and place it nicely on the floor. I can see my MUA's eyes almost pop out when he saw the shoes.

And he asked me 'Sayang, I pakai kasut ni boleh tak?'

I knew it. I know he won't wear those black shoes. He secretly bought the shoes without my knowledge. I look at the shoes and smiles.


He slipped on his new pair of socks and shoes, and we're ready to go.

Arrived at PTGC, I can see all eyes setting at En Shahril's shoes as we step off the car. I just pray in my heart, my parents won't give us a weird look when they saw his shoes. Oh please. Surprisingly, my parents was okay with it. Alhamdulillah :)

My uncle Sufian whispering at my dad 'Daring betul menantu kau ni' and dad just laughed.
My colleagues from work asked 'Eh husband Nad kawin pakai kasut tu ke?'
My newly wed cousin teased 'Oi, bapak mertua ko tak marah ke pakai kasut ni?'
My bridesmaids excitedly shriek 'Nice shoes, Boboi. Cool'

My drummer friend commented

After the wedding I asked him about the shoes. He said, he saw the shoes on sale when he went to KLCC looking for skinny tie. The shoes are just too irresistible and its cheap. Nobody know he bought the shoes. Not his housemates, his bestfriend or his bestman.

'Pandai simpan rahsia ye. Nasib baik Mama & Ayah okay you pakai kasut tu'
'Alaaa, mak & ayah mertua I cool, sebab tu I berani pakai'

PS : Did I ever mention he went to work with different shoes everyday in a week. I shall post about his shoes collection one day.


LisaLisut said...

i suka laki yg pandai bergaya.byk kasut etc.hehehe. daring betul husband u nadia.hahahahaha

kalau i cnfirm mata terjegil n kata apasal pakai kasut tuuuu.dia mst tnjuk kt i dlu br i approve haha(but VANS is cool yo!dlu zmn remaja i pkai la Vans hahaha)

Renee Meow said...

coolness..! matching pulak dgn grey suit tu pulak kan.. ;)


Cik Puan Nadia said...

lisa - dia dh bg hint awal², tu yg i mcm okay sikit. luckily dia x pakai colorful puma sneaker okay. if not, mesti terjegil mata i tgk kasut dia. haha.

renee - black shoes match with any suit kot :D