Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review : Bilik Pengantin / Bridal Suite

My bridal suite was fully decorate by my freshly graduate interior designer sister, Shasha. That was an advantage to have a sister who expert (I assume so!) in decorating spaces. She even told me her ideas about my bridal suite before I set anything in my mind.

Only a thing I tell her before she starts doing my suite-

'I don't want my room look like those typical bridal suite. Satin comforter set with scallop and ropol² thinggy. Not gonna happen in my room!'

She just smile and reply 'I know what I'm doing' -_-

Oh, she also change the bedroom set my mother booked few months earlier (without my present) because the bedroom set just aren't her taste :D

Anyway, the color combination for bridal suite are based on the solemnization theme- cream, orange and brown. Almost match with my solemnization dais color combo.

For the wall decor, I don't want to put huge frames of us hanging up the wall. Malu. Hehe. Instead, I put smaller frames of us scattered the wall. One problem here, this is a kampung house with wooden wall. I can't just put nails anywhere I like, this wall have frames. So, I only can nailed on their frames based. That's explain why my frames are a bit organized than scattered all over the wall like I plan earlier. Haha. Inspire by this.

Overall, I love my bridal suite. I'm 100% satisfied with my sister's choice of comforter set, curtains, cushions and decorations.

Thanks, Shasha. Love you long time!


LisaLisut said...

nadia,adik i pn nama shasha! hehe.for my wed preps mostly i mmg depend on her.nasib x pengsan je budak tu.hahaha.i love ur bridal suite.sgt kemas dan tenang.erkk terigt tak de table lamp lg.huahuahua.

Cik Puan Nadia said...

lisa - pantas! nasib baik ada adik perempuan kan? i pun depends on her. she handle lots more than i do. thanks to the shashas! i beli table lamp pun last minutes. few days before wedding baru teringat belum beli :D

K.I.N.A said...

suka..simple & nice..^_^

.:shura shushi:. said...

nice :)

Renee Meow said...

simple+modern.. i pon xnak my bilik pengantin wif ropol2 here n there... i da pesan awal kat my mom i nak deco bilik pengantin sendri..hehe


Cik Puan Nadia said...

kina & shura - thanks

renee - thanks. i risau bila ada aunty yg offer nak belikan set bilik pengantin. nasib baik i ada adik yg memahami. hehe