Monday, June 27, 2011

Colorful wedding

Happy Monday, dear readers :)

I'm super busy this whole morning. From monthly assembly to 5S preparation (madness!), countless phonecalls from tenants, follow-up calls, rushing to the bank etc and now I only have 30mins to write before meeting with my director.

What a hectic Monday.

Kerja kerja jugak, but when I have spare time, I did bloghop to my favorites links. Wedding websites, especially. Hehe.

Look at their altar, another great idea for dais. We don't really need 1-2 colors for theme. Colorful is a theme too :)

Photos from 100layercake


anaztasias nora aira said...

colourful kalo kena pada dekorasinya mmg cantik kan. hehe :)

Cik Puan Nadia said...

kalau kena colornya.. mmg cantik :)

choclairissa @ intan said...

yup..kalo pandai mix n match..x jadi rojak n kelam kabut..