Wednesday, May 4, 2011


If you love to DIY (like me) for your wedding, please do the timeline schedule progress for it.

Seriously tak tipu, you really need this thing. Been there, done that :)

Firstly, list down all DIY things that you want/have to do and remark depends on priority and quantity. Kalau boleh letak duedate 2 hari or sehari before wedding day. Lagi awal lagi bagus. Percayalah, a day or two before wedding, lagi banyak kerja kena buat. Tiba-tiba nanti ada je benda yang tertinggal/terlupa nak buat. As a bride, kita pun tak nak tension-tension tak tentu pasal kan? Better la siapkan awal-awal unless those things involve fresh flowers.

Saya telah tersalah langkah for one of my DIY, that is my wedding nametags. I really really want nametags for my wedding, being an excited me, I dah siapkan semua nametags weeks before wedding and just tinggal nak letak fur for decoration and safety pins. So, I asked my sister to do the fur and pins for me but I forgot that she's the busiest person after me. She stressed out more than me, her face even break out on the wedding week. Poor little girl.

With so many things to do in so little time, I told my sister don't bother about the nametags. Put it in the drawer and let's do other important things.

And for the same reason, I opted for artificial flowers for my solemnization handbouquet and gift trays. I tau I takkan ada masa nak membelek fresh flower on the wedding eve. Tersangatlah banyak benda nak buat malam tu and suddenly you akan rasa 24 hours is not enough for a day!

Stress-stress jugak but do enjoy every bits in preparing your wedding. You gonna missed it alot :)


r3bL said...

kak nad,
nak tanya mana kak nad beli foldable shopping bag tu?

Two Souls With A Single Thought said...

yang bunga rose tu ke? kak nad beli kat guangzhou aritu