Friday, April 22, 2011

Tips : How to remove your makeup

B2b, this is important, very important.

Take note please.

On your wedding day, you definitely will be painted thickly by your hired makeup artist. I know its hard to take off those makeup especially on the eyes area-- eyeliner, eyeshadow & mascara. My advise is-- forget your makeup remover, toner, wet tissue, baby oil and whatsoever.

Your face had enough of chemical for a day. Just use a brand new/clean makeup sponge and warm water to remove all makeup on your face. Then, use your cleanser to wash your face and rise with water. Dry your face off with clean towel. Its simple, natural and safe.

You don't want to know what happen to my face (nose) after I removed my makeup with makeup remover. Sad story.

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