Saturday, February 12, 2011

Milk A Deal

56 days to go...

I love Milk A Deal.

I first saw their ads at the bottom of my site on Nuffnang Ads. They blasting off Valentine's Red Velvet Cake Promotion from The Kitchen Guardian. Dah lama mengidam Red Velvet Cake ni tapi asik tak menyempat je nak cari/beli and bila nampak ads dia jual RVC at 60% off, I directly click and buy 1 voucher. First time kan, tak berani pulak nak beli sekali banyak. Try dulu. But then, bila deal dah habis baru rasa menyesal sebab tak beli 2-3 vouchers!

Who on their right mind what to sell 4 pieces of Red Velvet Cake for only RM10?

So yesterday, I received an email for another great deal. RM12 for 12 pieces of French Macarons from Piqa Bakery. Woah, RM1 per piece? Semangat ni. Terus click and check their redemption period. Bila nampak je the redemption period is until 30th April, *ting!* Sepantas kilat, beli 2 vouchers terus.

Move over cupcakes and cake. Macarons will be on my hantaran tray.

Yes yes, saya suka.

Hmm, 2 more days to go before the deal is off. Thinking of buying another voucher. Hehe.

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