Tuesday, January 11, 2011


88 days to go...

Happy New Year, well I know I'm 11 days late but.. its still January! Haha.

Great date today. 11.1.11. If today is Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I bet this will be one hot date to get hitch. Anyway, with just 88 days away I officially enter the stress-phase which my bridezilla mode can turn on whenever its like ;/

My first quater of 2011 resolutions are:
1) Done atleast 1 things (could be anything) related to Big Day every week.
2) Keep up with the checklist and progress schedule.
3) Start pay deposit/payment to vendors so I won't short for cash when the Big Day come.
4) Going back to KL more frequent >.<
5) Be calm and be positive.

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